Lombok and the Gili’s

As we all unfortunately remember too well, in August 2018 a series of devastating earthquakes on Lombok, Bali’s neighbouring island caused 100’s of deaths, 1000’s of injuries and more than 10,000 people displaced. 

Soon after the earthquakes, Marg Barry and Education Director, Andie Carroll visited various affected areas to scope opportunities for BCF education programs to be delivered to these areas once the school buildings were sufficiently repaired. 

With the new school year in July we have seven schools ready and teachers trained to deliver BCF’s multimedia English curriculum. This work has been funded by Bali’s hospitality industry in an incredibly generous gesture towards their near neighbours. We thank Tropicola Group, Mason’s Gourmet, Fish Bone Local, Seri Resort, Ulu Cliff House and a secret donation which funded building a classroom where there was nothing at all available. These businesses and individuals are providing quality education opportunities for 1,096 children.